Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Most Offensive Racial Jokes of All Time Deconstructed

by Nico Raj Rahm

The following is a list of, what I belive are, the most offensive politically incorrect racial jokes of all time. These jokes should be repeated with great reservation.

So why am I repeating these jokes here? Simple, I personally believe that no speech is too offensive for censorship. Our society will grow in mateurity and tolerance when such jokes are discussed in a public forum.

It would be interesting to hear what readers, who belong to a particular race that are made fun of, think of these jokes, and whether they are truly offensive.

Here is the list in descending order with the most offensive at the bottom.

What do you call a Mexican in a Church?
Holly Shit!

This joke plays on two features of Mexicans in the U.S.; religious zeal and hard labour (hence the word "shit" as it pertains to janitors). The religious aspect is particularly interesting, since there are many non-Mexicans that are just as religious. I believe the symbolism here is that Mexicans pray because they are poor and needy.

What did the little black girl get for her birthday?
My bike!

This joke segregates African Americans as being at the lowest income bracket of society. This is shown by the "My" as a substitute for any race other than black. It also reflects the societal belief that poor blacks have a tendency towards crime in order to live through the daily course of life, such as a young child's birthday.

How many Palestinians does it take to change a light bulb?
None! They sit in the dark forever and blame the Jews for it!

This one will surely anger many muslims for many reasons, but principly for the contraversial issue of who exactly belongs in the Holy Land. The joke especially achieves this by the word "forever". This is because the Arab world believes that the Jews took over the land unfairly in the mid-20th century, while the Jews believe that this land is rightfully theirs since they occupied it thousands of years ago.

The joke also criticizes the Palestinian people for not taking an active role in joining the modern world by advancing its civilization. Of course, Palestinians believe they cannot while their land is occupied.

This joke may be so contraversial that even my attempt at explaining why it is contraversial will in itself cause many to be offended by me.

What is the difference between a pizza and a Jew?
A pizza does not scream in the oven.

I believe this joke has to be the most offensive, and insensitive of all that I have ever heard. Yet, it continues to be one of the most popular in social circle, between non-jewish people of course!

I fail to believe that any one, no matter the race or religious belief, save for extremist muslims of course, that does not think this joke is highly offensive. There is no need to delve into details of the horrific acts practiced upon the helpless jewish people by Hitler and the Germans, but only to say that when thoughts of burning innocent human beings alive enters the mind no one can hold back feelings of anger and shock, no matter their differing views.

I say all this, and I myself grew up in the Middle East, and was once a Muslim.


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  1. I always squirm when I even read something someone might find offensive. I agree with you about censorship, but at the same time, I fear I may offend someone, as I believe everyone should have equal rights and that every individual is of equal worth.
    I would like for society to be over jokes like these, but I worry that society is not able to just yet.