Monday, May 18, 2009

Choosing Allah Over Love

Nico Rahm

I would like to touch upon a certain topic that I take to heart. My wife and I have been together for over a decade and I am only thirty years old! This is because religious subscription and faithful belief in a God does not rank atop my list of qualities that I aim to find in a suitable life-long soul mate. Yet, choosing a wife or husband based on religious views is important to billions of people across the world.

Today, I was discussing my relationship with a close friend of mine who is Muslim, and of course, had no knowledge of my Atheism. He had just broken the heart of a young woman who was a beautiful person inside and out. He was respectful in the sense that he did not allow himself to succumb to temptation, purely for religious reasons. While he had participated in sexual embracing with her he had not even once completed the sexual journey, for a lack of a better description. He loved her. She loved him back, so much so that she was willing to convert to Islam in order to be with him. She began reading books on Islam to learn about its culture; music, food, and customs. Yet, for all her effort at the end, she stood no chance. My friend’s love for Allah was strong enough to force him to end the relationship because he could not put aside the fear of a possible reversal of her faithful leap to Islam in the future.

My friend gave up what might have been the journey of a lifetime with a loving, caring and accommodating soul mate for the improbable existence of a heavenly creator.

His loss!


  1. Islam teaches human to realize life after death.. nobody in this world has ever lived forever. The highest love that one can have is to love Allah, second the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), third, mothers, fourth, everybody else.

    Allah has told muslims in he quran that humans are created to serve Allah. Serving would mean to pray 5 times a day, and praying is designed as an exercise for the body, fasting in the months of ramadhan, which is to restrain food and wordly temptations as to remember Allah and why He created us on this planet.

    Serving Him would also mean that all our daily activity is meant to serve him. Even eating, sleeping and walking. But it must be done properly, which means to eat, but watch what you eat, sleep, but not excesively, walk only to places that benefits.. I suppose anybody could understand this.

    But the real reason that love is not everything in this world, although sexual pleasure s a great thing to experience, it is create for human to reproduce. One may argue that love is everything, but it is only a small part of human connection, whereas Love for Allah is the greatest love as it connects a person to God itself. The experience of love for Allah is feeling like a direct connection to the Only God that created all the stars, the sun, the moon, the planet, the skies, the ocean, the trees, the weather, the animals, the insects, and ourself.

    Islam is not a new religion. It was sent by Muhammad as the Messenger not as a new thing but to correct the old one. Islam believes that Adam is the first perfect human created by god and eve from his rib. Other prophets include Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Jacob and other messengers, 25 in all to be remembered. Even Moses and Jesus is just prophets, not son of god! From the dawn of time, there has been thousands of prophets picked as messengers by Allah to carry the true meaning of life which is to serve the creator of Heaven and Earth. But in time also, because prophets are only human, they die and the message was altered by irresponsible people for the sake of personal or political reasons. This would result in for example the old and new testament of christianity.

    However, Al-Quran is the last correct message brought to earth through the angel Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), to correct human in the era of lost and uncivilized arabs. Then this message was spread throughout the world and the result is the true everlasting Message.

    So, although love is important as personal experience, its not forever as many people claim. Its the love of God that assures happiness in this life and the hereafter.

  2. Sure, but Allah probably doesn't exist.

  3. creation of man:

    evolution - darwin

    adam & eve - jewish, christianity, islam? coincidence?

  4. exactly deepdesign, the religious story is not a coincidence, it is the same story, created, edited, and preached by all reglions, even the ones before the major three. The earth is billions of years old, not a few thousand as all religions postulate.

    so, yes, I agree with you, it is not a coincidence, but that is the problem with your argument; all religions are born from the same silly and fictitious story that was formulated by the pagans worshiping the sun, then stolen and rewritten by the Babylonians, then the Egyptians created the sun God named Horus, which the Christians used to create the Jesus character that gave birth to the Muslim stories of creation. That is just what they are, 'STORIES'.

  5. Thank Allah, the almighty creator, I have my reasons to believe that He created every single thing in this universe from the smallest bacteria with a brain of its own, my human body with million parts operating my conscience and a life for me to choose my path wisely, and all other living things that we see and we dont. There is no God but Allah, and He is not born or give birth. He is only one. And only the Quran tells about all of His creation, and the reason to succumb to Him.

    Stories are created to be passed for people to ponder or think about it. One may judge its source, its reliability, its adaptability, or reject it altogether. Thats why heaven and hell is created, for human to think what is right, what is wrong.

    I also agree with you Pagans, sun worship, idolatry,etc are just stories. But for me, having known the history and life of prophet Muhammad, he is the greatest man ever live. He's not the son of God, he doesn't have powers to bring human back from the dead. He was only 40 years old, and cannot read and write, when he got the message from God to correct the religion of human. His death was at 63 years old. So.. for only 23 years, he preached the message of God, the true way of living, and the message that has been passed down for more than 1400 years. Now Islam is a great religion and the only true religion that acknowledge christianity and jewish as a religion that was true but changed by human hands.

    To tell you about all this, i think you have closed your heart to any interpretation of any religion, and thinking its all the same. Its your freedom of choice, no harm done.

    Maybe if you want to know, read the Quran in english.

    Its got stories, of the past, the present, the future, science, earth creation, logic, commands, and thousands of information. Its the true way of life.

    You can judge yourself.

    "To you be your religion, and to me my religion" (109:6)

  6. deepdesign,

    It could be possible that Mohammed truly recieved the word of Allah, and he dictated his message to a friend to write down as the koran. BUT, is it possible, maybe, just maybe that Mohammed did not recieve such a message and was in fact lying? just maybe?

    Now, why would Mohammed lie about the message from Allah? We could have two reason, 1. Mohammed is a thief and lier, and wants to control his people to gain profits, or 2. he wanted to scare his people so that they behave in an orderly fashion, to create a society of law and order. Just like how a parent scares his children by lying about the bad wolf will eat you if you don't finish your dinner. It is a lie, but it is meant to make the person do the right thing.

    That is the issue at the heart of the religious problem my friend; you choose to believe that someone heard the word of an invisible being, while others such as myself believe that common sense says people do not hear inivisible beings, no one has. But, the problem is you say that 'no harm done', but there is plenty of harm done to people like myself who choose not to believe, we get persecuted, or even murdered by believers like yourself. I have no problem if you choose to believe for the sake of your own spirituality, but do not let your beliefs influence the way I want to live. But that will never happen, and that is why religion is dangerous.

  7. I am guessing the real truth is that Mohammed, like Jesus, was a great and inspirational man of the time. It is not hard to accept that he may have believed he was being spoken to by a supreme being. There are a few scientists in more enlightened times that had visions in dreams that went on to help them with their theories. Perhaps easy for someone to mistake as divine intervention.

    Personally I think it is a shame that we are unable to discuss Mohammed and, to a lesser extent Jesus, in terms of who they really were for fear of offending people. It really is time that religion dumped the archaic supernatural stuff, left science to the scientists and continued in a more philsophical form. Some people may still need the ethics, but none of us need the fanciful explanations of how we are here!! In fact they undermine religion for most of us.

  8. Its funny how Nico can only say "His loss" to his friend. Funny how Nico imagines that the woman would have remained faithful to his friend throughout the life. Its funny how Nico simplifies things rather than understanding the nuances. Probably that is why Nico is a Mulhid.